The Blue Moon Story

An everyday place that feels special.

When Blue Moon Pizza opened in 2003, the basic idea was simple: Give people an everyday place that feels special. And for that, you need the right ingredients. It starts with authentic, made-to-order, top-notch food, great service, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere all at prices that won’t break the bank. And, of course, don’t forget our full service bar!

Pizza is the perfect signature item. It’s a sharing food everybody loves. And with a pinch of this and a dash of that, you can make it exactly the way your taste buds crave it.

Now, when we look around and hear what our regular guests say, we realize that Blue Moon turned out to be the special place, for your everyday. So bring the family, and we’ll make you feel right at home.

Life Should Be Less Ordinary!

Blue Moon Pizza

Why Choose Blue Moon Pizza?

We know you have many options, so we strive to go the extra mile to earn your business with...

An Authentic, “Everyday Place”
It’s a place you can go to everyday. Well… maybe every other day! A place where you walk in and you’re greeted with a friendly smile. A place that feels like a home away from home, and where you’re part of the family.

Making That “Everyday Place” Special
It’s not easy to make an everyday place special. But when you have great team members committed to passion, craft, and add a dash of creativity, you can surprise even regulars with something new every single day.

Comfort Food Made Extraordinary
Just because it’s comfortable doesn’t mean it can’t be special. We take wholesome, real, and fresh ingredients along with a variety of spices to turn your meal into a memorable one. At Blue Moon Pizza, you will find that comfortable food is anything but ordinary, it’s extraordinary.

Our Food Philosophy
When it comes to the Blue Moon menu, there are three core principles that make up our food philosophy:

High Quality and Freshness
High quality ingredients make food taste better. It’s that simple, and it’s why we choose farm fresh produce that’s delivered daily. It’s why every bell pepper has that juicy crunch you crave, and why we hand-chop the fresh basil on your Tomato Caprese.

Flavors Not Just Ingredients
If we can become best buds with your taste buds, we’re sure to see you again. In our kitchen, we’re constantly asking ourselves one simple question: “Are we making delicious food?” Each and every time we see a guest’s face light up after that first flavorful bite, and hear the “mmmmm”s—we know we did our job. After all, one of the reasons our regular guest keep coming back is because of that signature Blue Moon flavor.

Little Touches that Matter
It’s the little things that make up the whole picture. We take pride in making sure the little things are perfect. It’s the freshly chopped cilantro on your Thai Chicken Pizza. The fresh squeezed lime juice in your Blue Moon Mojito. The salads that come tossed in dressing so you don’t have to do any work.

Blue Moon Pizza

Our Ingredients

Blue Moon Pizza Ingredients

Pizzas Made Perfect

Pizza is the perfect signature item. It’s a sharing food everybody loves. And with a pinch of this and a dash of that, you can make it exactly the way your taste buds crave it.

How Do We Do It?

The Dough – Made fresh each day. Hand-rolled, hand-tossed, and hand-stretched for each pizza order. A real labor of love, this dough is brushed with extra virgin olive oil and finished with a pinch of salt & pepper on the crust. It’s crust that’s so good, you’ll enjoy it to the very last bite.

The Sauce – Made with rich red California Stanislaus™ plum tomatoes that are fresh and never cooked, just mixed, until it’s placed atop your pizza. We add our own Blue Moon blend of herbs and spices, and it all comes together in a medley your Grandmother would be proud of!

The Cheese – Wisconsin’s own Grande™. The very best pizza cheese on the market and the only cheese we’ve ever used. The creamy, buttery taste of the mozzarella and the bold flavor from the provolone fuse perfectly with the ingredients that accompany it.

The Toppings – Everything is as fresh as it gets. Our produce is delivered fresh every day. Our ripe vegetables are individually selected then hand-chopped, and our high-quality meats are cooked fresh daily.

The Visual – Last but not least, our pizza looks as great as it tastes. We think every detail matters, so attention to the little things makes for a culinary treat for the eyes. Whether the swirls of zesty sauce on the BBQ Chicken pizza, the three colors of bell peppers instead of just green on the Classic — it all leads to a pizza made perfect.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂

We Make Catering Easy

Because, well, isn’t that the point? The moment you place your Blue Moon Catering order, you can be fully confident that everything will be right. Your Blue Moon pizza will be there, just like you ordered it – hot, fresh, on time, with everything needed to make your event special.

Blue Moon Pizza Restaurant

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