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The heartwarming story of Blue Moon gluten-free pizza.

Our long-time regular, Cammy.
Cammy, would come in and say “I’m not supposed to eat pizza, but it’s so good I’m willing to be sick for a week just to have it”. Finally she couldn’t do it anymore, and went back to eating her Greek salad, while her family ate pizza.

That’s when we knew we had to make a change.
It’s more than just a dough. It’s a commitment. We learned right away – everyone has a different level of sensitivity to gluten. We realized we would have to handle the dough differently, change the way we cooked, and take extra time to clean up – it’s a serious commitment. But when little touches matter, you make that commitment.

It has definitely all been worth it. And we’re glad to see more and more restaurants respond to the need. We had a woman come in and eat her first pizza in 10 years! That was pretty special..

Blue Moon Pizza

“We’re helping get the word out about the best pizza in town. Especially the Take-n-Bake pizza. That was awesome! and the family loved it.”

Buck Belue – Host, “680 The Fan”

Blue Moon Pizza

“When my family goes out for pizza, there’s only one place on our mind: Blue Moon! Not to mention the best kept secret for pizza at home is Blue Moon’s Take-n-Bake pizza.”

John Smoltz
2015 Hall of Famer & former Atlanta Brave

Blue Moon Pizza

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